From the serious practitioner in the art of sword sparring, to the young squire in training, we have a sword for you.


A Hollow Earth weapon has weight and balance that closely approximates a metal sword. Constructed of tough American Hickory, our swords are ideal for full contact sparring, staged combat, teaching, or delighting the imagination of a child.


Built from the fight up. our weapons have undergone over thirty years of testing and can withstand the rigors of serious sparring.

In sizes ranging from 16-52 inches our standard European swords were inspired by those used in the dark ages though Renaissance.


Add a Crossbow to your equipment and see your foes run! Our crossbows are fully-functioning, 13th to 16th century all-wood replicas. Complete with authentic lever-trigger, hand-wrought bowstring, and traditional lashing. The stocks are of select hardwoods and the bow and mechanisms are of hickory. Used by many historical recreation organizations and live-action role-play enthusiasts our bows are suitable for a day on the battlefield. 

Each of our pieces is proudly hand-crafted wtih care by three generations of the Archote family. No two pieces, are identical and each is unique in its style, grip, weight, and balance.

They have become a tradition for us as we hope they will for you.

We are at your service

Need assistance? Feel free to reach out:

Home Office: 870-746-4286

Customer Care: 870-213-7884

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